“On-The-Road” to Portland with #DisneySMMoms

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration is heading to Portland in 2015.

Photo Source Flickr Ben Amstutz

Last week I opened up my email to find a magical email filled with pixie dust waiting for me.

A little background-

Disney hosts an annual conference at Walt Disney World (and in 2014 it was held at Disneyland) called the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. It is an amazing opportunity for a select number of bloggers who receive an invite to not only get to travel with their families to Disney, but also to learn, network, and immerse themselves in social media, Disney and family.

Well, Disney likes to spread pixie dust and magic so a few years ago they added mini “On-The-Road” sessions through out select cities in the United States. I was blessed to attend one in Seattle two years ago, but was unable to make the one in Phoenix last year (though I did follow along through live streaming and social media). This year, I was a bit nervous as I waited to hear what cities would be included for the On-The-Road events. Having just had twins in March, I wouldn’t be able to travel too far, whether by myself or with my family. So I was excited when Portland was announced as the first stop. I quickly filled out an “I’m interested” form and tried not to think about it too much after that.

Then, last Monday, I opened my email, not expecting anything out of the ordinary, and I saw this:

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration is heading to Portland!

I was shocked and excited! And then nervous… I just had twins. Should we make it a family vacation and all go, should I decline the invitation, or was there another option. After a little searching, discussion, and juggling, we decided that I would attend by myself. I am not ready to leave the twins over night, but luckily, there is an early enough flight to make it to Portland before the conference, and then I will fly home that evening. It will be a quick whirlwind of a trip, but I am excited for it!

The conference is on June 9th. Several of my blogger buddies will also be attending and I am excited to see them again. I am also excited to learn what is new with Disney parks, and learn more about how I can improve my site and social media presence for you- my readers- to enjoy. Plus, this conference will be filled with pixie dust and magic, like only Disney can provide.

The Disney Social Media Moms Celebration is also heading On-The-Road to NYC and Austin this summer, so be sure to follow along in all those cities by following #DisneySMMoms

#60DaysTo60Years – Today’s Disneyland Has Roots in 1961


Disneyland 1961

Hey friends! I am so excited to be joining so many amazing bloggers in this special series of 60 Days to 60 Years of Disney! Disneyland is my home park, my home away from home, my family’s favorite vacation spot. One of the reasons is because it is a place I went as a kid with my family, and am now taking my kids to. It is amazing to think that Disneyland will soon be turning 60! They kicked off the celebration this weekend with a 24 hour event, and the party is now in full swing. I am hoping we somehow manage to make it down there to enjoy the festivities, but I figure, if I can’t, being part of this series is the next best thing.

Today we are looking at Disneyland in 1961. I was not even born in 1961. It would be another 20 years before I made my world debut, but some of my favorite parts of Disneyland have roots in 1961.

1961 Disneyland Map

Thanks to my cousin for a picture of an original 1961 map!

One of my favorite views in Disneyland is from Tarzan’s Treehouse. In 1961, The Jungle Cruise had a major refurbishment that changed the boat house and also closed the water way between it and The Rivers of America. Why was the water way closed and filled in? To make room for the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. Later, in 1999 the Treehouse went through a refurbishment to become Tarzan’s Treehouse.

When we go to Disneyland, one of our favorite ways to enter the park on a busy day, is to hop on the Monorail over by the Disneyland Hotel in Downtown Disney. It was in 1961 that the Monorail was expanded and went to the Disneyland hotel.

On August 6, 1961 The Flying Saucers ride opened. Though the ride would close just 5 years later, it came to inspire the original Cars Land ride Luigi’s Flying Tires (which closed in 2015, to make way for a new ride).

Disneyland 1961 Flying Saucers Open

1961 is also when Snow White’s Grotto was dedicated in Disneyland. Snow White’s Grotto is now a popular place for marriage proposals and is where you can often meet Snow White. Walt dedicated this area on April 9, 1961. (Fun Fact- the seven dwarfs and Snow White statues are all the same size, but Imagineers arranged them so that the perception is that Snow White’s statue is taller. This is called forced perspective.)

Snow White

Probably the most magical addition in 1961 was Tinker Bell’s first flight over Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. On June 9, 1961 Tiny Kline, at 70 years old, was the first Tinker Bell to take flight at Disneyland as part of the Fantasy in the Sky fireworks show. Tinkerbell is still a cherished part of the fireworks to this day. Here is a YouTube clip of Tinker Bell’s flight.

Other than new attractions, 1961 also saw Disneyland welcoming its 25 millionth guest on April 19th. Can you believe that in less than 6 years from opening, 25 million people experienced the magic of Disneyland!

Disneyland also hosted its very first High School Grad Night on June 15, 1961. Disneyland hosted 8,000 students from 28 different high schools. Another tradition that continues even this day. Although now there are several grad nights each spring.

Disneyland 1961- First Grad Nite

In 1961 Disney also moved his show weekly television special to NBC, which came with a name change to Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color. This title later inspired the title of the night time spectacular in California Adventure- World of Color. World of Color has also been completely reimagined for the 60th Anniversary in World Of Color- Celebrate! which “brings to life the remarkable story of Walt and The Happiest Place on Earth with animated imagery, live-action film, fountains, lasers, special effects and a stirring musical score. Guests will take an inspirational journey through the unparalleled imagination of Walt Disney, exploring his decades-long legacy of memorable animated moments around the world and the dream of Disneyland Park.*

'WORLD OF COLOR Ð CELEBRATE!' Photo DisneylandNews.com

‘WORLD OF COLOR- CELEBRATE!’ Photo DisneylandNews.com

Visiting Disneyland in 1961 would definitely be amazing. While I may not have been around in 1961 I love seeing the influence that year has on the parks today.


A ticket to Disneyland in 1961 would cost $1.50 (according to THIS site). However, unlike today, that price was not all inclusive. Rides would require tickets for guests to enjoy them. Ticket Books would consist of 10 or more tickets for rides. Rides also had different levels such as E for more popular rides (and to this day, these attractions are often referred to as E Ticket Attractions). To view images from an original 1961 ticket book CLICK HERE.

Be sure to check out all the other amazing posts in the 60 Days to 60 Years series!

Quote Source: http://disneylandnews.com/2015/05/19/innovative-nighttime-spectaculars-deliver-new-era-of-disney-magic-as-disneyland-resort-diamond-celebration-launches-next-60-years-starting-friday-may-22/

Friday Five ~ Easy Mom Night Out (Or In) Activities

As a mom, we need a little time to hang out with our friends, relax, and take off our mom hat. For today’s Friday Five I want to share with you five activities to do with your mom friends for a night out (or in).

*I was sent free product to host a Mom’s Nite Out party through BSM Media, Mom Select, and their partners. All opinions are 100% my own.*

5 Easy, Fun and cheap Mom's Night Out ideas. LoveOurCrazyLife.comThursday, May 7th, I hosted a party in celebration of National Mom’s Nite Out. I wasn’t quite ready to be away from the twins for the entire evening, and Mike was finishing up some work at night he needed to do, so we had a Mom’s Nite In at my home.  I was inspired with some fun activities to do with friends that I am excited to share with you.

1. The first activity was included in our party kit. We were sent wine glasses and craft paints. Well, none of the ladies attending my party drink, so I almost disregarded this craft until it hit me… we could make the wine glasses into something else. We chose to make candy dishes, but you could also easily make them into candle holders and decorate them.

2. I had a great idea strike me the day of the party. Summer is coming and how fun would it be to soak our feet and do pedicures. I headed to my local dollar store and picked up little tubs/bins in the storage and organization section that could fit a pair of feet in them. I also grabbed some pumice stones and toe nail clippers. I got out polish remover and polish, foot soak and foot balm (from Mary Kay) and had pedicure kits at the ready.

3. One thing that is fun to do with friends is play games. We were sent decks of playing cards from Bicycle Playing Cards in our kit, but really, the possibilities of games are endless. Bunko, Pictionary, Charades, Heads Up… all are great party games to play with your mom friends.

4. Movie nights are fun, but if you can’t get out to the movies, a lot of people don’t think to have a movie night in their home. We were sent a copy of Mom’s Night Out (an awesome movie I reviewed HERE) to watch. You can add some fun to your movie night by adding a theme to it. For instance, you could have everyone bring a snack that is themed to the movie. Or have people dress as their favorite character.

5. Makeover nights are a fun way to get a chance to try out different makeup trends or hairstyles. You can do one by holding a make-up party (like Mary Kay) or by getting a local cosmetologist to come and teach you some new make up tricks. It gives you a chance to try something different, and hang out with friends.

Have any other great ideas to add? Leave a comment below with your suggestions.

Disneyland 101 {Part 1} Parking, Tickets, and More

Disneyland 101 is a series that I wrote in 2014 for several friends that were planning their first trip. It became our most popular series ever. Today we are revisiting the very first installment of this series, with everything you need to know about before you even make it into the park. Enjoy and be sure to check out the entire Disneyland 101 series HERE.

So you are planning your first visit to the Disneyland Resort! Congratulations! You are about to experience some amazing magical memories. Planning your first trip can be overwhelming, so I am going to share with you some things to know before you go.

There is so much to know before you go that I will be breaking it up into several posts. I thought, the most logical way to do this is to go in the order you will, or should, encounter different sections or scenarios. So today I am going to give a general overview of the parks, parking, bag checks, and a few other things you will encounter before you even enter the parks.

The Parks
Disneyland Resort consists of two theme parks and a shopping District. The theme parks are Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Downtown Disney is the shopping District located right next to the entrances for the two theme parks. Disneyland is filled with the more “classic” Disney rides while Disney California Adventure (DCA) contains newer rides, shows, and entertainment. Disneyland Resort also has three hotels on site. The Grand Californian is next to DCA (with its own park entrance). The Disneyland Hotel is at the opposite end of Downtown Disney from the parks (but has a monorail station near it). Disney’s Paradise Pier hotel is the most affordable of the three hotels, but is also the furthest from the parks, so prepare for some walking if you stay there. One good thing about the Disneyland resort is that there are also dozens of hotels within walking distance of the resort. Many are Good Neighbor Hotels that can even be booked through Disney as part of a Disneyland vacation package.

Disneyland’s park schedule is based on anticipated crowd levels. They will be open shorter hours during slow times, and open longer hours when crowds will be high.
The Disneyland Park Schedule is available 6 weeks in advance on Disneyland’s site.Continue Reading

Save Up To $18 On Disneyland Park Tickets for 2015

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We love Get Away Today because they have all the packages you can get through Disney, and MORE! That is right, extra hotel options, extra add ons, and tickets to *gasp* other parks.

On top of all of that, Get Away Today has amazing deals and a layaway option. That is right, you can make payments on your vacation and the down payment is less than the one you have to give if you book directly through Disney. How awesome is that?

So, if you are wanting to head to Disneyland anytime in 2015, CLICK HERE (affiliate link) to go book through Get Away Today and save big. I know I will be booking my vacation with them this week!

Find out why we think Get Away Today is a great way to save on Disneyland vacations*I am an affiliate for Get Away Today*

Hey Moms- You Deserve a Night Out!

*I will be hosting a party for National Mom’s Nite Out #NMNO15 on May 7, 2015. I have been chosen to receive items to host my party through Mom Select and BSM Media. All opinions and thoughts are 100% my own.*

It took eight years for my husband and I to get pregnant so when I finally became a mom I was all about my son. My husband and I rarely had date nights out (but we did do date nights in) and there was no way I would do a mom’s night out. I was a stay at home mom so I had an easy “job” right? I shouldn’t need time out to relax. Maybe that is you. Or maybe you are the mom who works full time and feels guilty about taking a night away from your kids for yourself. It took me a long time to realize that not only did I deserve a night out, but that it strengthened my family to get out.

National Mom's Nite Out

That is right, it strengthened my family for me to step away for a few hours, let my husband run the ship at home, and for me to let loose. It let me refocus on myself, my goals in life (as a person, wife and mother) and gave me a break from the routine. It was like taking a long weekend from your job to recharge, or a mental health day. It wasn’t that I don’t love my kid, and I most definitely was not robbing him of time with me. In fact, taking a night away helps me to get the refocus and energy I need to make our time together even better.

If you have been avoiding taking some time for yourself, now is the time to stop! May 7, 2015 is National Mom’s Nite Out (NMNO). That is right! There is a night just for us moms. NMNO was founded in 2008 and is held the Thursday before Mother’s Day. In fact, three state’s have even declared this an official holiday (in the obscure-but-totally-awesome-holiday kind of way). Don’t believe me- read all about it HERE.

Mom’s Nite Out not only is about getting mom’s together, it is also the inspiration for an amazing movie… Mom’s Night Out. The movie is all about us, as moms, and how we need a night out, but also about how we forget how important our role as mothers is. It is truly inspirational, and a great movie. You can see my full review of the movie HERE.

With a holiday and a movie that go together, what better way to celebrate and uplift moms then to have a NMNO Movie Night! I am so excited to host a party for the moms in my life and watch the movie and just hang out.

Guess what, you can host your own Mom’s Nite Out party or celebration! You can check the Mom’s Nite Out website for ideas, local events, and more. You can also buy the movie Mom’s Night Out on Amazon (affiliate link) or check your local streaming service to see if it is available. Then be sure to follow on social media as moms all over the nation tweet, instagram, and more using #NMNO15

Also be sure to follow me (@LoveOurDisney) on twitter and instagram as well as following @MomsNiteOut (twitter) and the Mom’s Nite Out facebook page. Then check back here for a post all about our party afterwards.

To get ready for NMNO, leave me a comment telling me when you last had a Mom’s Night Out.

Friday Five- Board Games for Preschoolers (That Even Parents Will Enjoy) #FamilyGameNight

If you have a preschooler my guess is you have played enough Candy Land to give you a stomach ache. For today’s Friday Five I am going to share 5 preschool friendly games even parents will like. Ones that we actually enjoy playing with the Goof.

5 Preschol friendly board gamesBefore I share our list, I do want to let you know that the links to these board games on Amazon are my affiliate links.

  1. Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus – We have only played this game one time at a friend’s house, but it was a lot of fun. It is appropriate for younger preschoolers (the game states age 3+ but some 3 year olds may need help understanding the game).
  2. Bendomino – We actually got a travel version of this game inside a kid’s meal one time. We liked it so much we purchased the full version. Even though the game says ages 6+ the Goof (almost 5) has no problem figuring out the game. It has also helped him with his numbers and matching as well as puzzle solving skills by figuring out which way pieces can and can not fit together. You can keep score or just try and make the most interesting shapes possible.
  3. Sorry – A lot of us have played this game as kids. If not, it is a lot of fun. The game includes decision-making, counting, and following instructions. This version of the game lets you add a twist with fire and ice tokens. The Goof likes to play this game 3-4 nights a week, and we have no problem playing it with him.
  4. Chutes and Ladders – Okay, so this one might not be the favorite of parents, but I will take it over Candy Land any day. Chutes and Ladders was around when I was little, so it brings back memories. It also helps the Goof understand that sometimes we have downfalls, even when we think we are on the top. One more great thing about this game is there are a ton of different versions, from Spiderman, to Mickey and friends, and more so you can choose one that fits your child’s interests.
  5. Battleship– This is another game that will take parents back. This game will take a little help for some preschoolers, but they really enjoy it. It also teaches strategy, counting, using grids, etc. We usually play in teams, one parent on The Goof’s team, and the other on their own team. The best part is teaching our kids the famous tag line from the commercials “You sunk my battleship.”

The Great Name Debate

Naming kids is hard. It is even harder when your husband suggests these names...

Naming kids is hard. I know sometimes we luck out and just have names we love picked out. Still, it is hard. You have to worry about if the name will fit them, if it sounds good with the last name, what nicknames may come from it, is it a name that will grow with the child, and so much more. Maybe I just take it all too seriously, but I worry about messing up and naming my child something I, or he, will regret.

With the Goof, we had 2 girl names we loved and one boy name. That was it. There were no other boy names on our list at all.

We made the mistake of sharing that boy name with someone, and a comment almost ruined the name for me. Pregnancy hormones and all had me upset over the dumbest comment. Thankfully, I got past it and when our son was born the name fit him perfectly.

When we found out we were pregnant in August, we still had our girl names…but one had become very popular with girls. A name that was not even in the top 200 5 years before was now in the 20. To add to it, we had zero boy names. This baby had better be a girl.

End of September we found out we were having twins. They both better be girls.

In my heart I knew Baby B was a boy. Something just told me he was. But I was a bit surprised to learn both babies were boys.

And here we are, 34 weeks with twin boys, and still lost on names. We have a few in mind, but none speak to us the way the Goof’s name did.

So daily we talk names, and Mike rarely makes a serious suggestion. And then, he made a suggestion one day that he just keeps bringing up, recruiting friends to help push for…

Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent….

Yep, my husband wants to name our babies Batman and Superman. I think the idea struck when we ordered some cute Batman and Superman onesies. Either way, he has now recruited our best friends and their five kids to push for these names.

What is kind of sad is, the names sound good with our last name. Still, I can not have my kids named after super heroes because I know their father would actually just call them Batman and Superman.

So secretly, I have a list, and I hope and pray when the babies come, their names will just come to us, or the two top names will fit.

If nothing else, the Goof has suggested we name them Mickey Megamort and Goofy Donald…

(I wrote this article the night before I ended up having the twins and never got a chance to publish it. We did have names we liked, but I did not want to say that was their names for sure until I got a chance to hold them, and see which name fit which child. In the OR during my c-section prep, I told the staff about the name debate, and the names my husband had come up with. So, when I went in to meet the babies, their name plaques actually had the names Bruce and Clark written above their isolates. When they got their official name tags, the nurses put a baby Batman and a baby Superman sticker on them.)

Show Your Artistic #DisneySide With An Art Party

*I received free product through Mom Select and Disney Parks to help host a #DisneySide @ Home Celebration. All opinions are 100% my own*

Throw an art party to show your #DisneySide

Last year, my family was lucky to be chosen to host a Disney Side at Home Celebration. Our theme last year was a Day in Disneyland and we had a blast! (You can check out that party HERE.) I was super excited to have another party this year. I decided to ask the Goof what he would like to do for a Disney party and he said art! I thought that was a fun and unique party to have, and something that almost anybody could do for any occasion or age so I thought it would be perfect for our multi-generational family.

Well, sadly, this was the winter of illness, so we had to keep putting off and rescheduling our party. We finally got a chance to have it, though not with the big guest list we had hoped. It still was a lot of fun to get together with a few family members and create some fun art.

I am excited to finally share our party with you (I had planned on getting this post live about a month ago, but ended up having babies…) and hope it inspires you to have your own art party.

Continue Reading

Disneyland 101 {Part 2} All About #Disneyland Park

While I finish off my blogging maternity leave, we are finishing our review of our Disneyland 101 series from last year.

Welcome back to our Disneyland 101 series. This is a series for those planning their very first trip to the Disneyland Resort, focusing on guests who are having their first Disney vacation ever. We are breaking down everything you need to know for your vacation. You can check out the first part of our series about everything from a general overview of Disneyland Resort to parking to bag check HERE.

Today we are going to go over what you need to know about the Disneyland Theme Park. If you don’t remember, Disneyland Resort consists of 3 hotels, a shopping district, and two theme parks. The newest theme park is Disney California Adventure, but the original Disney theme park is Disneyland.
There is a lot to know about Disneyland, so this is a very simple overview of the lands and some of the rides and other attractions in each land.

Disneyland Park consists of eight differently themed lands. Each land is very distinct. These lands are Main Street USA, Adventureland, Frontierland, New Orleans Square, Critter Country, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Mickey’s Toontown.
We will do a quick over view of each land discussing rides and a few places to eat, etc. We will cover entertainment, and other special events, etc in a future post.

Main Street USA
As you enter Disneyland Park, and go through the entrance tunnels, you will find yourself on Main Street USA. This land is themed after Walt’s memory of his hometown at the turn of the century (not the latest turn of the century- think 1900s). If you stand in the middle of the Main Street Plaza (near the flag pole) facing the castle, you will find City Hall to your left. This is where you will find Disneyland Park’s Guest Relations. If you are in need of a DAS (Dissability Access System) you will head in there. This is also the place to go to get First Visit buttons, Birthday buttons, and other special occasion buttons.
Next to City Hall are a set of restrooms. On the other side of the restrooms is the Main Street Fire House.
Standing in the same spot, behind you will be the Disneyland Railroad’s Main Street Station. This is one of four stops for the Disneyland railroad.
To your right you will find the Hall of Presidents and Great Moments with Mr Lincoln attraction.
As you walk down Main Street you will find shops, restaurants, and more. The Main Street Cinema shows Steam Boat Willie and is a great air conditioned escape.
As you come to the end of Main Street you will enter the hub of Disneyland. This is where you find the Walt and Mickey Statue. From here, you can enter the four major lands.
The first land you will see on the left of the hub is Adventureland. Before you even go under the sign (pictured above) you will find the Enchanted Tiki Room. This is where you can purchase a Dole Whip. The Tiki Room is a fun little show that you sit and listen to “birds sing words and the flowers croon” while enjoying the air conditioning. Be aware that there is a part where the room goes dark and there is thunder. This may scare some little kids.
As you continue into adventure land you will find Aladdin’s Oasis. This is where you can meet Princess Jasmine and Aladdin. You will also find the World Famous Jungle Cruise in this area. The Jungle Cruise is great, and filled with corny jokes.
You will find a few souvenir shops in this area as well. They have some great Adventureland themed items. As you continue through adventure land you will find the Indiana Jones ride. This is a fun, thrill ride. It is quite jerky and has one drop and blows puffs of air, etc on you.
Finally, you will find Tarzan’s Tree House. While the stairs may detour you, if you have children, this is a great way to get out some energy. You also get some great views of the park from up there. Keep an eye open for Mrs Potts from Beauty and the Beast as well.
Next to Adventureland is Frontierland. Frontierland is themed to remind you of the old west. As you enter Frontierland from either the Main Street Hub or from the walkway between Adventureland and Frontierland (just after you pass the Adventureland sign), you will first come to shops, restaurants and games. Be aware the shooting games cost extra.
The Golden Horseshoe is located here, as is the Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante (Mexican). There is actually a nice restroom behind the Mexican Restaurant that is usually pretty empty.
The Rivers of America are in front of you with Tom Sawyer’s Island in the middle. Here you can set sail on the Sailing Ship Columbia or the Mark Twain Riverboat.
If you head to the right you will find the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This is a thrill ride. It has gone under a major refurbishment, and should be reopening early in 2014. It used to be jerky, but when I attended the Disney Social Media Moms On The Road event last year, they hinted it would be made smoother.
You can also find the Big Thunder Ranch BBQ and the Big Thunder Ranch (petting zoo).
If you choose to head left instead, you will pass several restaurants, and end up meeting the edge of Adventureland where it becomes New Orleans Square.
New Orleans Square
I am sure you can guess where this land is themed after.  Welcome to New Orleans. The first thing you pass as you enter this land is Disneyland’s classic ride Pirates of the Caribbean. You will also find lots of little shops and some restaurants. The Blue Bayou is located in New Orleans Square as well. This is the restaurant that is “inside Pirates of the Caribbean.” If you want to eat there, be sure to make a reservation. Standby wait time is often 30-60 minutes.
As you continue down the main path on New Orleans Square, on the right you will find the loading area to head over to the Pirate’s lair on Tom Sawyer’s Island. This is a great stop if you have children with a lot of energy. They can run around and explore on the island.
Between Pirates of the Caribbean and the shops and restaurants, and The Haunted Mansion, you will find the New Orleans Train Station. You can hop on the Disneyland Railroad here.
The Haunted Mansion is your last major attraction in New Orleans. This is another classic Disneyland ride. It really isn’t super scary, but there is a few parts that might scare some children.
Photo courtesy of Disneyland Resort
Critter Country

Walking past New Orleans Square you will arrive in Critter Country. This is where you will find Splash Mountain, the Davy Crockett Canoes, and every toddler’s favorite ride (or at least The Goof’s) The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. This is also where you will find Pooh’s corner. A great place to meet Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger. If you are hungry be sure to grab a bite to eat at The Hungry Bear. Head downstairs and sit along the Rivers of America to eat. There is also a good bathroom down there to dry off after Splash Mountain.

Let’s head back out to the Main Street Hub and stand at the Walt and Mickey Statue. Look straight at the castle and you will see a walkway to Fantasyland.

Fantasyland is probably what comes to mind when most people think about Disneyland. This is where you are going to find rides like Peter Pan, the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (aka Tea Cups), Dumbo, Alice in Wonderland and more.
A few rides to take note of are Pinocchio’s Daring Adventure, Snow White’s Scary Adventure, and Mr Toad’s Wild Ride. While these are all great, iconic rides, they are all a tad scary, so just be prepared before taking your little ones on them.
A few other rides in Fantasyland that are fun for kids are Casey Junior (train), Storybook Canal, and of course, It’s a Small World. The Matterhorn also resides in Fantasyland (as well as in Tomorrowland).
When you are looking at the castle, you will see the main path through the castle, a smaller path to the right. This goes by Snow White’s Grotto and her Wishing Well. You can often find Snow White here. Next to that is the entrance to Pixie Hollow. These are all BEFORE you cross through the drawbridge into the castle.
If you look at the path on the left this is where you will go to get to the Princess Fantasy Faire. Here you can meet all your favorite Disney Princesses and also have story time with one of them. A fun little hint, this path on the left is a great place to get the shot at the very top of this post with Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and the Matterhorn.
Some people are confused on how to get to Small World. If you are at the Tea Cups and Storybook Canal Boats, look towards the Matterhorn and then turn left. Follow that walkway to get to Small World.
If you are looking at Small World, then you are ready to head to our next land
Mickey’s Toontown
If you turn right when you are in front of Small World, and follow that path, you will make your way to Mickey’s Toon Town. Before you cross under the bridge, look to the left. This is where you will find the theater for Mickey and the Magical Map. Just past that is the Toontown Train Station. The third stop on the Disneyland Railroad.
Cross under the bridge and you are in every child’s happy place. Toontown is a great place to go with kids. they can explore Goofy’s backyard, which is a play area. They can climb around in Donald’s Boat, explore Chip and Dale’s Tree House. There are lots of fun surprises. Of course, the best things are that this is where Mickey and his friends tend to be out for pictures. Mickey and Minnie have houses here. Minnie is often times at her house for meet n greets. Mickey Mouse is always in his house filming his next big movie. You can go get his autograph and have your picture taken with him there.
Toontown has a few gift shops and places to eat. It also has two rides. Both are a bit on the scarier side. Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin is not too bad, but the queue is slightly scary for some kids. The other ride is Gadget’s Go Coaster. This is a small roller coaster. The Goof went on it several times this last trip, until we put him in the front. Then he didn’t want to go anymore.
Let’s head back out to the Mainstreet Hub and head over to our final land…
If you are looking at the Castle, standing by the Walt and Mickey statue, to your right you will see the Astro Orbiters at the entrance to Tomorrowland. Tomorrowland is undergoing a bit of a transformation lately. Not the rides, but some of the other attractions. You will notice a presence of Marvel and Star Wars in this area.
The rides in this area are all pretty popular. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Star Tours, Space Mountain, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, and Autopia are all quite popular. You will also find the Monorail Station and the final stop of the Disneyland Railroad in Tomorrowland. This is also where you can learn to be a Jedi, see the house of tomorrow (stop in for story time in the themed kids bedroom it is great), and build your own light saber. There is also an arcade in here.
Both Star Tours and Space Mountain are for a bit older kids and have height limits (we will have a separate post regarding height limits). Autopia has a height limit for being a passenger, and a separate height limit to drive your own car.  Finally, the Matterhorn also has a line in Tomorrowland. The Matterhorn is the only ride that is in two lands at the same time.
We have covered all of the lands in the Disneyland Theme Park. Next up…Entertainment and other things to look for in Disneyland.

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