Craft Time- Bathroom Decor

The Goof is a huge Mickey Mouse fan (maybe I should have called him the Mouseketeer?). He has 3 Mickey Mouse plushes/lovies that he sleeps with every night. Mickey Mouse is his best friend. He takes his biggest Mickey Mouse EVERYWHERE.

Recently, Disney Daddy’s mom bought a Mickey shower curtain for The Goof’s bathroom (not that The Goof takes showers yet, but that is another story). We had looked into the Mickey Mouse bathroom decor before, but it is WAY SPENDY. Something like a simple cup with a drop in divider runs around $10 at Walmart.
Being the cheap frugal person that I am, I could not bring myself to spend that sort of money. So what was I to do? I really wanted a Mickey Mouse bathroom.

I decided to make my own Mickey Mouse bathroom decor, and then do a tutorial on it here.

For this project you will need:
toothbrush holder and soap dispenser ($1.88 each at Walmart)
red paint
black paint
brushes- I like the sponge ones for this
white buttons
glue- I used tacky glue that was clear
rubber bands (not pictured)
To start- I did this a much harder way, but thought of a much simpler way after- which is what I will put on here.
Start by painting approximately the bottom 2/3 of your items red. They don’t have to be perfect line wise (mistake I made was worrying about it being even NOW, and not later).
Let it dry. Now, I used a string when I painted the red on and then tried to keep the black from going over it. BIG MISTAKE. What I should have done, was after the red paint dries, take a rubber band and place it so that it forms a straight even line around the pieces. Make sure that there is some red on both sides of it so you don’t end up with any white spots. 
Now, be sure the pump is out of the soap/lotion dispenser.
Paint the top parts black, going all the way down to the rubber band.
Like I said- I was dumb and used a string, which was obviously nothing to accidentally paint over.
Let the black paint dry some (but not completely) before removing the rubber bands. It is best to simply pull them out (grabbing them from the bottom/red side so you don’t mess up the black paint) and use scissors to cut them. This way you don’t have to worry about disturbing the black paint that isn’t completely dry. If you wait until the paint is 100% dry you risk the rubber band being stuck and pulling off a lot of paint when you take it off.
Let the black paint finish drying. Touch up any spots that may need it. I personally, am not a perfectionist, so I wasn’t super picky about my lines being straight after the string incident. I did the best I could eye balling it and decided when it was good enough for me. I am an instant gratification person, so I didn’t want to have to wait even longer for more paint to dry.
Now take your glue and 2 pairs (4 total) white buttons. Glue the buttons on the red area like this:
Be careful what glue you choose. I found that some glues do not work well on buttons when applying to another smooth surface. If all else fails- HOT GLUE GUN!
Wait for everything to dry, then put soap or lotion in your dispenser and toothbrushes in the the tooth brush holder and you are all set.
Enjoy your new Disney Decor!
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    Very cool idea. I’m going to give this a try. I have used blue painters tape in the past, so I will use that in place of the rubber band.

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