Pixar Themed Character Meal in Disney California Adventure?

Welcome to those of you joining me from Disney Donna Kay and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the final stop on our Magical Blogorail today.

This month we are talking about the perfect Disney meal!
You know, if you could take all the different things you love about other meals, and maybe things you wish were offered, combine the and make a brand new experience? I love thinking of these sorts of things so I had tons of ideas for this topic. I thought long and hard about what would be my ultimate Disney dining experience and I don’t think I could wish for anything more than a Pixar character meal in Disney California Adventure.

 I asked my family to help me figure out everything that should go into this new dining experience. This is what we came up with-

Restaurant Name: 2319

We had a lot of interesting thoughts on this one but decided that we wanted to have it be a fun experience for children (and adults) and what better way to let people know that children are on the premises then to use the code that lets everyone know a human child is present?


Breakfast: Buffet style, similar to Goofy’s Kitchen or Plaza Inn’s Minnie and Friend’s breakfast. Instead of Mickey waffles, they would be Buzz or Woody shaped. Bacon, eggs, sausage, yogurt parfaits, and any other breakfast food a kid or parent could want.

Lunch: In an ode to Pizza Planet, lunch would be a pizza and pasta buffet. Any pizza you could dream of would be included, including a fun dessert pizza.

Dinner: The dinner menu would be a bit more diverse, following a more traditional buffet style meal. Fried chicken, pizza, maybe even steak or sushi would be included. Each night could have a new theme based off a different Pixar film.


This would be the place to meet all the Pixar Characters, including some lesser seen (or never seen?) characters like Syndrome, Carl, and more.

Of course the perfect park for this new dining experience would be Disney California Adventure, where Pixar already has a huge presence. On my recent trip I spotted the perfect location- if you go behind Luigis Flying Tires towards the side entrance to a Bug’s Land (both Pixar themed lands) there is an area that is quite bare, with only light landscaping. This would be the perfect place for the building.
I have it all mapped out.

What do you think? Would you eat at my new Pixar character dining experience?

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      I hope they will, but they still have not made a ride based on the Monster’s Inc door chase scene….and I have been saying they should do that for years (along with tons of other people). Hopefully one day though.

    • says

      I am side tracking with you. Wouldn’t that scene with the doors be fabulous!! Perfect roller coaster. Could be a thrill ride or one like the new Dwarfs Mine Train – good for all ages.

    • says

      Amen Mary! I have been talking about that idea since I first saw Monsters Inc. In fact, the first time I rode the Monsters Inc ride at DCA, I was disappointed it didn’t have a rollercoaster type feel for that part of the ride.

  1. says

    This is an experience that is definitely missing in Disney Parks. My son would love it! I love how you put a lot of thought into the details, especially the name! Which theme night would you be most excited to attend?

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    A Pixar character meal would be a fun experience. You could also do a pizza for breakfast. Some pizza places by me (usually near hospitals or other around-the-clock work places) serve a breakfast pizza with eggs and cheese with some topping cooked in a pizza crust. It’s very good. Could be an interesting addition to your meal. Would Roz be the greeter?

    • says

      haha- Roz would be the perfect greeter. :)
      They serve a breakfast pizza at Goofy’s kitchen. I totally forgot about that until you mentioned it. That would be a great addition to the breakfast menu!

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    What a creative post, Becca! I’d definitely go for a meal there! I think it would be neat to figure out the technology that would allow them to do some sort of holographic display of a scene in the movie that would put you right in the scene, and then for each night they would just program it to change to the next movie. Great post!

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